Each of these Technical Papers where written and presented by:
Ron Nickerson (President of Plasma Solutions Inc.)

Gases and Their Plasma Properties (Information on tested gases used in the
industry for their various properties.)

Hybrid BGA Paper (Seminar in advanced surface technology)

Hybrid Cleaning / Plasma for Increased Yield (Presented to Kent State College, Ohio)

Plasma Cleaning for Photomask descumming (Presentation on Photomask Information)

Plasma Surface Modification for Adhesion (This paper is information about the use of
Plasma for molecular level adherence)

System Calibration (Product information on Emerald One)

Emerald One IO's (This paper is product information )

Emerald One Specs. (This paper is product information)

Emerald Two Specs. (This paper is product information)

Emerald Three Specs.(This paper is product information)