Contract Services:

Subject to initial service visit at contract rate to establish condition of equipment. Initial visit waived if service performed in past 6 months.
- 80.00/hr 4 hr min. for services under contract- Depot service 2/hr. min.
- 80.00 evaluation fee.
-PM & evaluation fee @ 6 mo. Intervals. (PM includes cleaning, calibration of RF power and system evaluation. Typically taking 2 hr to complete)

Emerald One & Two
are turn-key systemEmerald with a one year service contract, installation and training.

Field Service, Training, and Technical Support
- 100.00/Hr. 8 hour minimum outside of New England Area, portal to portal
- 100.00/Hr. 4 hour minimum inside of New England Area, portal to portal
- Premium of 200.00 applies to all travel beyond 300 miles from home office (includes hotel, meals and ground transportation expenses)
(International subject to actual charges if it exceeds 200.00 USD)
- Actual airfare and expenses
- Local mileage @ .30/mile USD




EMERALD THREE Our tabletop model is very affordable having all the quality and digital controls as any top of the line system would.

Component Digital Control
Any existing unit today could benefit from having this Digital touch screen system for:
- control
- accuracy
- safety