According to Ron Nickerson (President) "Plasma Solutions Inc purpose is to provide and develop environmentally clean, customer specific plasma applications now and into the future with expert support, service and products. These innovative solutions maximize the potential for this technology to solve the needs of many Industries. Plasma Solutions Inc key people have been involved in research and development for many years, and are constantly innovating to reflect a state of the art commitment."

The Duns & Bradstreet number (055247709)


Is now a "8A" Government Contractor. As always our organization's main focus is to achieve customized excellents for our clients in the plasma technology field every time.
We pride our self's on:
- Innovation
- Attention to details and deadlines
- System specialization
- Maximizing the effectiveness of the solution while minimizing the cost
- Environmentally sound solutions
- Using teamwork for visualization and implementation

Ron Nickerson, MS (President)
incorporated Plasma Solutions Inc in 1992 as a service and engineering consulting company. As a Plasma authority Ron Nickerson as lectured and advised without the world.
"We recognized the need for quality plasma systems and accurate digital Controls, and enlarged our scope to include the production of EMERALD ONE, TWO, AND THREE as well as our stand-alone or rack DIGITAL CONTROL SYSTEM" said Mr. Nickerson
As Chief Engineer and Vice President of Operations for some of the leading companies in Plasma System Production over the past 20 years, from AST/Plasma Science at Anatech Ltd. and AST Plasma Systems, Inc. Ron Nickerson has developed his expertise into Plasma Solutions, Inc.