Plasma Solutions, Inc's mission is to provide our customers the best service and support for their cleaning and surface modification needs through the application of Plasma Technology.


To be more specific, when a synthetic heart valve is manufactured there is a fine coating of hydrocarbon oil and other machining fluids present. No amount of rinsing can completely remove the carbon layer, and the body will reject the valve. Exposing the valves to just a few minutes of an oxygen plasma traces of carbon to the atomic level. Plasma is the most environmentally safe procedure yet discovered for removing surface impurities! It is a truly "green" process and very effective.

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Just what is plasma? Most of us are familiar with the first three states of matter: solid, liquid and gas. Few realize that the further application of energy to matter causes the fourth state or plasma. This highly energized state is most recognizable in the atmosphere as lightening! Properly harnessed, the application of plasma has led to the development of semiconductors or "IC's". Redirecting this energy has also led to a whole new generation of advances.
Application of specific elemental plasmas can change the surface characteristics of plastics, metals and organic compounds. Examples include such every day applications as the treatment of golf balls to remove injection mold residues, ball point pen refills to allow the easy flow of ink, heart valve and body implants to remove all contamination and even sterilization of medical devices.

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